Last Update  7/21


A Celebration of Life for our friend, Megaphone Mike,
AKA Ponytail Mike, will be held on Labor Day weekend.
 August 30th will be at Mike and Deb's home in Bend,
 Oregon. On the 31st, the Celebration will move to
Mikes favorite snowmobile, horseshoe and party
 playground.... Paulina Lake Lodge ! Paulina Lake is just
 30 short miles from their home and is very easy to access. Everyone is invited to come and remember Mike.
Please feel free to contact Debbie at 541-480-6007,
 with any questions you may have.

60198 Turquoise Rd   Bend, OR   97702

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An Open Letter

I would like to say... Thank You Perry,  for all
you have done for our sport. Without you, I’m
not sure we would have had three National Vintage
shows that helped put the Western vintage snowmobilers on the map.
 Thank you and I hope that whatever you do,
 you have success and fun.
 Roger Biddiscombe

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A couple of startling images of the once full, 
Northwest Museum of Vintage Snowmobiles.
 If you have ever been in the Museum you know
 how full it was of beautiful vintage snowmobiles.  

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A successful journey from the Northwest back to
the Milt's place with a sled haul. The little Colt is
headed up Canada way. Not sure about the bike ?

Thanks Kevin, Thanks Derek, Thanks Milt !!

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John Bushby has informed us that they have
scheduled a vintage snowmobile show in Coolin,
 Idaho for August 8th and 9th at the INN AT THE LAKE
Check out the Events Calendar page for more info.

And then there's this !!

Jared Ellis has invited everyone to come show their
 vintage sleds at the Early Iron Festival in Rigby, Idaho
 on August 15 and 16. For more info,
contact Jared at 208-243-9267   

Here's the trophy class winners will be given !!!

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Did you receive your latest copy of the
VSCA magazine in the mail yet ??

VSCA National show in West Yellowstone
 is the featured article !!

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WANTED !!!!!!!!

New President for WSVSA

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Looking like we will be using the "Super Stock" rules
for racing at West Yellowstone

Follow this link for ISR rules for oval
racing at West Yellowstone 2015


Here is where we are at this point.

No IFS of any sort.


440 L/C Mod   new
340 L/C Mod    new
440 F/A Mod
340 F/A Mod    new
Single Cylinder ..... Mod

440 F/A ..... Stock
340 F/A ..... Stock    / class split

440 Fan ..... Stock  (1975 and newer)
440 Fan ..... Stock  (1974 & older)

340 Fan ..... Stock    / class split
Single Cylinder ..... Stock

Masters (50+ yrs. up to 440 F/A Stock)
Women's (up to 440 F/A Stock)
Juniors (CC and Age limit are still under discussion)

"All classes are subject to change"

We will have rules posted soon

Please remember ......
 It is Mountain West Racing that will be conducting the vintage
oval racing in "West Yellowstone" for 2015. WSVSA is not a
 racing organization or a sanctioning body. WSVSA is simply
in an advisery and communication role.

If you would like to be part of the discussions, please contact us.

WSVSA e-mail wsvsanews@gmail.com
Jim at 541-788-5444

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