Last Update  3  / 30

Gary Cvecich in Stanley, Idaho is looking to move
some of his vintage snowmobile collection
 and we received a long list.  

Check out the entire list on the classifieds page. 

Here's just a couple....

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The 12th Annual Vintage Round -Up in West Yellowstone
this year was once again very well attended !  The low
snow conditions had everyone wondering if anyone
would take the chance on coming to West. It's amazing
how the rumor mill disrupts things.

Sixty Nine vintage sleds were officially "registered" in
to the show, but I counted almost a hundred sleds about,
and that did not include the vintage race sleds.

The 2014 WSVSA Vintage Snowmobile of the Year
trophy was presented to Suzi Reed by Curtis Tate.

Dustin Sweeten won the "People's Choice" with his
1969 Frederick-Willys  Galaxy

"Best Of Show" was won by Jerry Kallal from Alberta Canada
with his 71 Polaris TX 2+1

Lot's of Kawasaki's this year

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to the West Yellowstone Round Up page.

The vintage racing once again jumped to a new high with
95 entries seen on both Friday and Saturday !

The race track just barley made it through the weekend
as the sleds raced in warm temps and low snow conditions.


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to see more photos and race results

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West Yellowstone Follow Up

We had a great time at the World Snowmobile Expo in West Yellowstone this past weekend. The weather was great for getting a suntan which made for some slushy conditions. The show was well attended and the racing continues to grow. Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success.

While it is still fresh on everyone’s mind we would like any ideas on how to improve the show and racing. The vintage display for the 12th year ran very smoothly and probably doesn’t need any changes. However we have already received many recommendations on ways to improve the racing. Here are some of the ideas coming in, please comment on those and any you might have. It is our goal to have all rules solidified this spring so everyone can have plenty of time to get their race sleds ready.

Here are some of the ideas that have been suggested:

Race Procedure

1-      Move the Vintage racing to the morning and the 120 SnoCross to the afternoon.

2-      Do a few vintage snocross classes on the existing snocross track.

Race Classes

1-      Increase the cc limit to 500cc to accommodate more sleds

2-      Change the Women’s class to 440 Fan as this is the largest class and more would likely participate.

3-      Eliminate the Youth 340 class(only one person signed up)

4-      Make 3 divisions: Stock, Super Stock, Mod

5-      Have stock classes run with no traction products to reduce cost and keep playing field level

6-      Have stock classes be more restrictive than current super stock rules to make more affordable

7-      Keep racing fun and affordable

8-      Structure classes so ALL vintage sleds have a place to race

9-      Slow schedule slightly so people have a breather when racing back to back.

10-   Change schedule to try to avoid back to back racing when possible

11-   Schedule grooming on running order

12-   Keep heat races to 3 laps but make finals 5 laps

13-   Start on time

14-   Have a transition class for 16-17 year olds

These are just some of the ideas, please post or email any ideas you have to improve our racing or show. As you can see "keeping it affordable" seems to be a common theme.

 Email Dustin at dustinsweeten@yahoo.com with ideas


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