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Just in case any one may be headed North !!!

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The new ISR "Vintage Snow Oval" rules will be released soon. We are grateful to Todd at ISR for being willing to employ rules specifically for our western type of snow oval racing. Much input was received and all comments were considered in putting together racing rules that will help vintage racing survive and thrive in the west. Not everyone will agree with every rule but isn't that always going to be the case!? We will provide a link as soon as the rules are officially released. To give everyone a head start on planning what to race next year the basics of the rules will be as follows: 
Stock Classes
Sleds running in stock classes will be very stock. Only rubber tracks from sleds available from 1985 and back may be used but you may use any brand track on any brand sled. Any stock steel ski 1985 and older from any brand may be used but no aftermarket skis. No traction products will be allowed in stock, no studs of any kind and no carbides. Modification is allowed inside the engine but nothing outside. No wrapping or special coating of pipes allowed. All components must be off a 1985 and older sled. You may change carbs but they must not exceed the size the sled came with and must be 1985 or older. The idea in the stock classes is to keep things affordable and keep the playing field level. Likely stock classes will be: Single Cylinder, 340 Fan/Free Air, 500 Fan,
500 F/A, Youth (Single Cylinder) Ladies (500 Fan) Masters (50 & older 500 Super Stock) There may be a youth (16-17) transition class using 340 Fan sleds if we hear back from enough people to hold the class.
Super Stock Classes
These classes will be similar to what we ran last year in stock classes. Newer tracks with lugs up to 1" may be used. Aftermarket skis may be used. Carbides and studs may be used but only carbide studs may be used. No sharpened steel , wedge or other studs. Under the hood will be the same as stock except any drive clutch may be used and any round slide/butterfly carburetor may be used. Pipes may be coated but not wrapped. 
Likely Super Stock Classes: 500 Fan, 500 F/A
Mod Classes
These classes will be similar to last years mod classes. Same as Super Stock on tracks, studs and carbides. Sled, engine and hood must be 1985 and older and of the same brand. Other than that most of the rules will be about safety. Tunnels must be enclosed. Likely Mod Classes: Single Cylinder, 340 F/A, 340 L/C, 500 F/A, 500 L/C 

On safety items we would like to adhere as close as possible to ISR recomendations. Please do your best to have proper chest protectors and lets try to move away from the motocross style and to those listed in the ISR rules. On helmets we will currently allow Snell or DOT rated helmets but they must be a bright color to be easily seen from behind. Race jackets must also be a bright color for safety. Please review the rules once they are released for more clarification. 

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Great Vintage Show in Utah back for the second year. The "Sweeten Snowmobile Museum" will be open during the show with over 250 sleds and 90 brands displayed. 

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The vintage racing once again jumped to a new high with
95 entries seen on both Friday and Saturday !  The race
track just barley made it through the weekend 
as the sleds
raced in warm temps and low snow conditions.

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